Friday, May 8, 2009


The interest in job satisfaction

Job satisfaction (JS) has been widely researched topic since the beginning of twentieth century. Many different researchers have variously defined the factors used to determined job satisfaction. Friday & Friday (2003) found that job satisfaction is a fairly complex job-related attitudinal variable.

Spector (1997) has cited two reason on why there should be concern for job satisfaction. The first is cited based on the need to be humanitarian and thus people deserve respect and fair treatment. The view is that, to certain extend job satisfaction is an outcome of good treatment. He also considers it as an indicator of emotional well-being or psychological health. The other perspective cited is utilitarian and thus job satisfaction has a potential to lead employee behavior that affect the functioning of organizations.

As overall introduction, it can be stated that feedback on job satisfaction is important because it gives an insight to employers and guides them on the direction they desire with regard to planning, organizing, leading and controlling employees to achieve and the intended organizational goals. In fact, previous studies have showed that productivity, quits and absenteeism have been tightly linked to job satisfaction.

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